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Welcome to BDSM Chat

Welcome to BDSM Chat , A free, fully featured IRC Adult Chat Site! The ONLY IRC Site with a Trivia channel that offers REAL Prizes!

We have 2 trivia channels for your enjoyment and BOTH are in the random drawings!

All players qualify, it is 100% random, prizes ranges from $10 gift cards to autographed copies of books and so much more!

Here at BDSM Chat we strive to provide you a better chatting experience! We welcome all walks of life, all kinks or non kinks! Our main rule is respect one another and do not judge someone because of their choices in life! You should have a witty sense of humor and know how to use /ignore if someone offends you.

Our #Trivia channel and #triviacafe have twice monthly, RANDOM drawings for real prizes! That means anyone who plays can win!

Stop by #Chat and say hello!

There is nothing to download like with other IRC chat sites. We have a built in chat via web browser... see below to check it out! We also use mIRC and any other IRC client with ease!

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We Support All IRC Clients!

Regardless of what IRC client you use, we support it! We have Ops skilled in nearly every IRC client out there to help you maximize your chatting experience with us! No matter what IRC client you use join us by connecting to: port +6697 for a more secure connection!

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Our Mission

Welcome! Are you looking for a place to relax, make friends, chat and have fun WITHOUT the drama, cliques and bullshit? Here at BDSM Chat we are making strides to assure this type of environment just for YOU! Our welcome room is #Chat

Must have a witty sense of humor, a quick smile and know how to use the /ignore if something offends you. However, it is against server rules to ignore any Admin or operator!

We hope we have created a place you feel safe to chat and enjoy yourself. We demand that ALL are treated with respect, not just Doms / Dommes/ Masters / Mistresses etc. YOU are a human being and should be treated with respect regardless of your gender, orientation, fetish, etc.

ALL are welcome here! We have open arms for all people. No matter what you label yourself as, you are welcome here! Just because our name is BDSM Chat does not mean it is all about BDSM, we have many rooms and if you do not see one that fits you make one!


If you ever have an issue feel free to message an Op or Server Admin. We also have a #rant_room where you can go if you just need to blow off steam! If you have ideas about how to make this a more enjoyable experience please voice them in #suggestions.

Our TRIVIA room is one of a kind! We offer REAL prizes! Check it out here #Trivia. Our dedicated trivia bot is always learning new things! It rarely offers the same topic twice so you better brush up or it will win!

Our rules are simple, please read them and abide by them!


1. Must be 18 or older to use this site! Chatting with minors is considered as bad as being one, offenders will be banned.

2. Age Play IS permitted providing both parties are over the age of 18 and both consent to such play.

3. No child pornography of any kind period! No pictures, no links, nothing. No posting on ANY pictures or links to anyone under the age of 18 is permitted. Violators will be banned.

4. No discussion of illegal drugs, use of illegal drugs and so forth shall be permitted.

5. No offensive nick names, or nicknames that can be considered inflammatory, racist, etc. You will be asked to change your nick, failure to do so results in being kicked from the server and / or banned.

6. No racism, race baiting, threatening other users, harassing, stalking shall be permitted.

7. You may not agree with someone's choice of gender, role or status but you will respect it.

8. Since we have to enforce the rules, it is necessary that text be in a language - that can be understood by everyone. Therefore, we are declaring English as the - server language. Ops may require channel topics, channel names or any - communication to be in English as deemed necessary.

9. No spamming channels with links, there are rooms for that. Type /list and post links in appropriate rooms.

10. Hypnosis channels are for entertainment only! Use at your own risk! We are not responsible for your use of such channels!

11. Channel owners are responsible for training their operators. We do have an operator training and help channel open #OpsHelp if channel owners need assistance in learning how to run their rooms.

12. Enjoy your chat and let's have some drama free fun!

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BDSM Chat Fetlife Group

We have set up a group for our users to enjoy over on Fetlife. See their profiles, naughty pictures and videos, friend them and keep up to date with their pages!!.....